The World of Banksy is in Prague!

The Manes Gallery is hosting a special selection of more than 65 most stunning artworks in Print-Version (by Private Collection )more than 35 Wall-graffiti’s and much more, by Banksy, the most mysterious artist of all times. The exhibition, titled “The World of Banksy”, where the works by Bansky and young artists will be presented to the audience and can be seen at the Manes Gallery, located in one of Prague’s most beautiful corners from 05 June 2020 to 27 September 2020.

Banksy is the world’s most famous graffiti artist, who transforms streets around the world from London to New York, from Berlin to Timbuktu, from Gaza to Tokyo, to a giant canvas. He is a secret hero, advertently avoiding to make an appearance in the “Digital Era”, where everyone is programmed to be visible. Banksy, who has been painting graffiti since the 1990s, has quickly created his own myths with his contrarian style and his insistence on not to be visible.

This veil of mystery has made his anti-capitalism, anti-war, and anti-authoritarian work more sensational day by day. While Banksy’s attitude of not being hesitant to criticize images, politics, even art and museums that make up the popular culture was seen as a simple revolt for some; it was interpreted as “ingenious” by the majority.

He has hung the classical art pieces, which were embraced in his own style, on the walls of major art institutions such as the British Museum, Tate Modern and the Louvre Museum. Being not caught in any of these actions and in many cases, the fact that the works he hung were noticed days later, have made waves. Although he showed a stand against the commodification of art, his work found buyers at record prices at auctions. The idea that the streets were for everyone was so tempting that the popular culture he relentlessly criticized immediately embraced him.

While the pop star Christina Aguilera, who has never hesitated to criticize the government bought the work in which Banksy depicted Queen Victoria as a lesbian; Justin Bieber got a tattoo of the “Red Balloon Girl” on his arm. Banksy, whose work has always been the center of controversy, was featured by the Times Magazine as one of the top 100 influential people in the world in 2010, along with names such as Obama and Lady Gaga. He was probably the only person to be featured in that kind of list, whose appearance was unknown.

Banksy, who interprets the sociological power of art using a comprehensible language and a witty perspective in his works, will be in Prague in the spring of 2020. The exhibition will take place at the Manes Gallery by the Vltava River, one of Prague’s symbolic buildings, with its unique Functionalist design. The exhibition, which brings together the well-known Banksy that no one knows and the young artists from Prague, will revive the street atmosphere inside the Manes Gallery. With the aim of making the visitors feel the spirit of street art, the exhibition is preparing to offer a different experience with the free nature of graffiti, Banksy’s criticizing attitude and the innovative approach of the young artists. “Banksy’s World”, which brings a different approach to Banksy’s unknown identity with the concept of the street, where the ground and struggle of existence and the daily flurry take place, is also important due to the fact that the artist will be exhibited for the first time in Prague.

Banksy, who does not see any harm in declaring himself an “art terrorist”, and whose murals hit the headlines on a national scale, is planning to blow a rebellious breath to the epic atmosphere of Prague. The exhibition “the World of Banksy” can be visited at the Manes Gallery from 05 June 2020 to 27 September 2020.